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Create your own custom made lens with your specialized prescription!


How to measure your pupil distance for your eyeglasses

*Find a ruler that measures in millimeters (mm)
*Stand 8-10 inches away from a mirror, looking straight ahead with the ruler parallel above your eyes
*Line up the zero ( 0 ) on the ruler with the center of your right eye pupil.
*With the zero ( 0 ) now centered with your right eye pupil, measure the center of your left eye pupil so it aligns with the ruler.

For example: The pupil distance measurement for above picture is 50 (mm)

BIFOCAL LENSES MEASUREMENT is the same measurement as the distance. We will put an adjustment on your segment height measurement on your reading area.

For example : Base on above picture, progressive Dual PD or Monocular PD measurement is (OD) right 31.5 / (OS) Left 31.5 or you can right it as R.31.5 / L.31.5

DUAL PD, or monocular PD, consists of two numbers and is the distance between the centers of each pupil to the bridge of the nose. Dual PD is usually written in the following notation: 31.5/ 31.5. The first number is always the right eye (OD) measurement, and the second number is the left eye (OS).

ALL PROGRESSIVE LENSES NEED SEGMENT HEIGHT MEASUREMENT. We will make an adjustment to your segment height measurement based on how you would like to wear your frame . Please indicate on the email of how you would like to wear your frame up (high or low) so we can make an adjustment to the segment height  measurement for you.


STEP #1. Have your prescription from your eyecare professional ready with your PD  (PUPILLARY DISTANCE).

STEP #2. Select the frame you would like and add it into your shopping cart.

STEP #3. Select your lens type such as: Single Vision Lenses , Bifocal Lenses or Progressive lenses 
                  and add it into your shopping cart.

STEP #4. Select your lens coating options; ARC (Anti-Glare )- Reduce Glare , Transition Gray or Brown-( Lens change color 
                  in and out door ) or Polarized Gray or Brown ( Sun lenses reduce glare) 

STEP #5. Review your order and follow instructions for the payment to complete your order.

STEP #6. Take a picture of your eyeglasses prescription and email it to us with your Pd measurement . 
                  For Single vision, please indicate your lenses type such as: Distant or Near.
                  Please email your prescription to

*NOTES: We are trying to make it easy for all customers by not requiring you to enter your prescription on the website 
                 ,but rather asking for a simple picture instead. Most customers don't understand the prescription between 
                   (OD) Optometrist / (MD) Ophthalmologist so they might make a mistake.
                  The Eyeglassframesusa team is here to do the work for you so you can relax.


See conditions below

 Once you place the order, the entire process takes 2-3 weeks or less to have it ready for you!

*A prescription with the power above (-) 8.00 near sighted prescription or above (+) 8.00 far sighted prescription. It will be an addition charge .We will notify you with additional charge if your prescription is above power.
-Additional $30
**A prescription with prism or slab off. It will be an additional charge. We will notify you with additional charge if you have prism or slab off on your prescription.
-Prism $20/per prism
-Slab off $100
***Prescription lenses are customized and specially ordered for each individual customers base on the prescription you provide to us. If the practitioners prescription is wrong, we offer (1) time remake of practitioner revised prescription for your single vision lenses within 30 days of your original delivery.

All sales are otherwise final
 1.59 Polycarbonate Impact Resistant.  California Proposition 65 Warning 
WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. 

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